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Waihiga K.Muturi Communications & Media Consultant

Nairobi, South Africa, Lagos, Kigali, Sweden, Germany Ksh.250 / hour LinkedIn
AuthorCommunications & Media ConsultantYouth Social Enterprise & ICT4D Advocate

I am a great believer that Africa MUST change the way it tackles poverty.
Also bear a particular interest and experience towards ICT4D and C4D that meets the very tenets of the human-centred design
approach. During the 2007/2008 post-election violence (PEV) in Kenya, I was spurred into creating a sustainable means of income for my friends in Nakuru, where youths were being used to perpetrate violence.
After the mediation by Kofi Annan, they found themselves in limbo, an opportunity I used to organise them & start a small garbage collection business that thrived enough to rehabilitate 66 youths into meaningful employment.
This inspired my journey into media, social entrepreneurship and youth activism, leading to the creation of Let’s Create Africa(LCA),

Africa’s first B-Corp certified communications social enterprise; leveraging on communication technology to uplift the lives of
the bottom million in Africa. We do this by building community-based businesses that drive social change within zero-low income communities. Furthermore, providing them with peer-to-peer training, mentorship, market linkages and micro-funding.

Bearing over 12 years of experience in Pan-African socioeconomic innovation (media, technology & management), I have consulted for over 150 companies (locally & internationally) niched within the start-up, micro, small and medium enterprises & played a pivotal role in workplace mediation, working with various central and local governments, corporates & INGO’s as a community developer.

A major highlight of my career is the conceptualization, development & implementation in the construction of one of the biggest regional egg markets along the Kenyan Southern bypass that has provided business opportunities to an estimated 100,000 farmers & improved their income from their usual $8 to $120 a month.
Also, the conceptualisation and management of technology for development (T4D) projects currently valued at $50000 – $120000.
As a brand champion, keynote speaker and TV host, the company & I command an estimated audience of 172,000 followers annually across multiple platforms. We focus on solutions-based storytelling (Constructive/Citizen journalism) as we continue using business as a force for good. I am also a practitioner and advocate for the youth, design thinking, and SDGs.
As a serial social entrepreneur, I am always interested in working with people building businesses that are building Africa (ensuring last-mile impact). If you are looking for a like-minded individual to work with, then Let’s Create Africa – reach out to me.


2021 - Present MA in International Relations at The University of Liverpool John Moores


July 2014 - Present Creator of Opportunities (C-Suite Executive) at LETS CREATE AFRICA (L.C.A.)

Delta Plaza, Westlands,Nrb.
Advocacy, Coordinator, Media & Communications Specialist
At Let’s Create Africa,
Let’ s Create Africa is B-Corp Certified Social enterprise leveraging on Impact Communication to build community businesses that drive social change within zero-low income communities. We do this by co-creating community based social enterprises and providing them with peer-to-peer training, mentorship, market linkages and micro-funding.
We are driven by the radical idea that Africa can change the way it tackles Poverty.

My job description entails but not limited to:
-Leading the organization strategically responding to the needs of our clients
and the market.
– Recruiting, Training, Coaching and leading a team of young professionals
some of whom have gone on to have great careers within the advertising,
marketing and other communication fields.
– Developing products and proposals sometimes co-creating with client(s) to
solve their value-comms problems.
– Executing numerous turnkey projects in Culture Change, Team Building
events, Events ( both marketing and internal) creative projects for print and
radio, Social media activation, internal communication and many more.
– Developing new business and new business channels both locally and within
the region.
– Successfully produce events and services for both LCA and clients for the
region & internationally: Kenya, Uganda, Abuja, Zambia, Germany & Rwanda,
– Lead in the business and develop a communication strategy for our clients,
the creative direction of our output and sometimes oversee the execution of
the communication.
– Develop media training for our clients who were/are starting to directly
engage with the media and Communication for Development in general i.e.
within behaviour change, mass media and advocacy communication.
– Additionally facilitate numerous strategy sessions with our clients bringing in
a fresh critical thinking perspective.
– Propagate elements of Human-centered design thinking

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